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18 Jan


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Turkish investor in new housing plan – Standard News No Comments

Turkish investor in new housing plan – Standard News

Turkish investor in new housing plan – Standard News “We are eyeing the larger East African market and hope to make a mark by providing decent and affordable housing for the masses,’’ Osman said.

MODEL HOUSE The new technology uses walls made of fiber cement boards which are bullet proof up to 9 mm and fire proof up to 800 degrees Celsius. The walls are made of cement, stone and glue chemical for strength and windows are double glass or glazing for high insulation.Already several clients have been lining up at the company’s Miritini factory and headquarter offices in Mombasa County to place orders for prefabricated houses.

Elsek Group of Companies Chief Executive officer, Osman Erdinc Elsek says that the new technology of constructing low cost housing is at very affordable cost requiring very elementary skills. “Time of construction using this technology is very short.

The technology utilizes unwedded galvanized steel structures that act as framework upon which covering fabric are made of fiber cement,’’ Osman said. The firm has rolled out an ambitious programmer that will see potential house owners acquire two or three-bedroomed houses on mortgage fully financed by the firm. Among the firm’s corporate clients are Presbyterian University of East Africa put up in 1988.

New agreement Elsek also constructed the terminal building for Siginon Freight Company at Changamwe using the prefabrication technology.

In Rwanda where the company has opened an office to service its growing clientele, the company has signed an agreement to construct Rwanda’s premier Tourism University College in Kigali. And in efforts geared towards tapping potential in the region, the Turkish firm has won a tender to put up the Spanish Consulate in Southern Sudan.


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