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We started our business in 1996 with Artemis petroleum in Turkey.
The chairman of Elsek group, Mr. Osman Erdinc Elsek has been in several business sectors as a partner of petroleum trade, transportation, solar and wind energy technology and construction business since it started.

He ceased his businesses in USA and Germany when the world crisis started. He started to invest in West Africa and now he is investing in East and Central Africa.

After 9 months he invested in Angola and Atlantic coast of Congo . He suddenly faced problems with unstable economy in these countries. The foreign currency policy changed in one day and the countries were not stable for foreign investment.

He investigated all over Africa and found that Kenya is the most stable country for investment for foreigners. He found Mombasa port as the biggest entry to East and Central Africa ,which could be used for light and medium sized industry to establish and supply East and Central Africa. He never thought about the heavy industry until the energy problems were solved.

Completed Projects
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In the beginning he focused on construction business, starting with supplying the best quality cement to countries . He brought his construction experience with a new technology to Africa for development purposes. He also realized that Africa and its society do not believe in any product unless they are proved on how the new technology works. In that, he brought sample houses and constructed in Mamba Village for the society to view.

There is no difference from the other structures on straightness and the advantages on the technology are speed and no wastage and earthquake resistance. Many of other advantages could be seen on web page.nAll constructions are financed by the company with own capital of the company in Kenya up to 15 years and is guaranteed with 60 years of co structural wise.

Elsek Group is also a very much appreciated partner with the Government projects without any down payment until the construction is completed and accepted. In due course according to the business volume of construction activities and increased demand , Mr.Elsek found it necessary to produce building materials. The factory of Elsek Group in Mombasa which established for that purpose produce wide range of products and sells all over Africa now.

Production in factory involves “Galvanize Steel Forming” for every sector which use steel ; “ Acrylic and Marblite “departments produce bathtubs& shower trays, kitchen &vanity tops, washbasins and in addition to these custom made products according to customer specification and needs; “EPS Production” which produce every material for thermal sound insulation, decoration, packing..etc; “UPVC Production” for windows, doors, shower cabins which made from upvc material and “Wooden Works” department produce all wood works as American panel doors, kitchen & bathroom cabinets, Also last company start to set up tiles machinery and brick machinery which may produce 60,000 bricks a day.

Besides these, as foreseeing and innovative company Elsek Group established food supply company which supplies fast food frenchise and luxury a la carte restaurants .

Increase in products and services benefit national output gap and eradicate unemployment problem .Elsek Group of Companies continue to its producing speedily and lead in its every business. Since 16 months Elsek Group employed in Kenya 252 employees from Kenya as Kenyan citizens.