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Elsek & Elsek Construction, a company of ELSEK & ELSEK GROUP, is celebrating its 9th year in East Africa. The company registered in Kenya in 2009, bringing 3 sample houses from Turkey. Two of these were erected in Mamba Village, Nyali, Mombasa and along Fair Acres Road in Karen, Nairobi. The response was extremely positive and shortly after that we signed a contract with the Presbyterian University of East Africa followed by Siginon Terminal Building and many others. (Please refer finished projects).

The company soon realized that the importation of finished houses would not be economically viable for Kenya due to heavy importation duties. Elsek & Elsek therefore decided to transfer the benefits directly to Kenyan employees. Technicians were brought in to train locally and create employment thus adding value to the country’s economy. The company heavily invested in machinery (please refer to Elsek & Elsek Production link ) and labor force training for 2 years, eventually bringing down the production costs from USD 571 to USD 183 per square meters.

The company realized that direct transfer of technology would not be acceptable for the Kenyan individual customers.

Elsek & Elsek Construction Ltd. originates from the synergy created by tradition, quality, technology and adapts local customer orientation concepts. Elsek & Elsek Construction Ltd. belongs to the ELSEK ELSEK Group of companies and is one of the leading companies in the construction sector which has brought a new concept to East Africa.

They were not happy with the hollow sound produced from the Fiber Cement cladding. We therefore invested more in research and development of the wall cladding of the individual houses. The new and improved innovation now satisfied Kenyan individuals.

This innovation involved direct cladding with cement, sand and our own patented chemical mixture on top of Fire Retardant Expanded Polystyrene Styrofoam (E.P.S.). Although new for the Kenyan population, the technical specification of the product was acceptable. Fire retardant E.P.S. is the most effective insulation material for housing construction and is mainly used for cold room insulations. We are proud to be the first company that invested in this production line in East Africa. Four years later, The National Housing Corporation eventually invested in the same.

We strived for our new technology to be incorporated to the Country’s building code which was under review. Our company applied and received full approvals for Kenyan’s to welcome the new technology. Our technology was also accepted in the new building code of Kenya. Our Technology is recognized by the following organizations in Kenya.
– Ministry of Housing
– Ministry of Works
– Kenya Bureau Of standards
– Architecture Association Of Kenya
– Municipals
– Engineer Association of Kenya