Elsek & Elsek Group



Elsek Production limited is one of the leading companies of ELSEK GROUP. Following high techno-how and expertise, the factory of Elsek Group in Mombasa established production and sale of wide range products in Africa at large.

After huge resource investment in Production Limited, experts from Turkey pioneered the same, but were replaced by other equally competent staff in Kenya. Elsek Production Limited started producing and ensuring maximum customer satisfaction and this has improved by the day.

ELSEK Production produces high-tech and quality which suits our customer’s needs. The products includes:

  • GALVANIZE STEEL FORMING : For manufacturing of steel, pre-fabricated house wall panels, roof trusses, gutters ;
  • EPS PRODUCTION: This produces fire retardant E.P.S. ( Expanded polystyrene Styrofoam ) material for thermal & sound insulation, decoration, packing and also wall and roof insulation of ELSEK’S houses;
  • ACRYLIC and MARBLITE : We produce bathtubs & shower trays, kitchen & vanity tops, washbasins .We also do custom- made products according to our customer‘s specifications and needs.
  • PAINT PRODUCTION: We manufacture the best quality, long lasting interior and exterior paints and in various colors in different grades.
  • MACHINERY MANUFACTURING: We also manufacture the machinery for producing the above products in a wide range.
  • FIBERGLASSPRODUCTION: A Material made up of very fine fibers of glass. Fiberglass is resistant to heat and fire and is used to make various products, such as building insulation and boat hulls. Because the fibers in fiberglass are capable of transmitting light around curves, fiberglass is an important component of fiber optics.
  • FURNITURE PRODUCTION: The production of kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, doors and many other custom- made MDF board or hard wood furniture according to customer specification and needs.
  • CABRO PRODUCTION: We also produce paving stone with different grade, shape and colors
  • UPVC PRODUCTION: For windows, doors, shower cabins which are made from UPVC material and aluminum frames.

Elsek Production is proud of its customer satisfaction and in parallel with its high throughput production volume.

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