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Benefits to you as our customer

If you want to develop or construct on some land the following steps must be taken:

1. Find an architect to make your drawings ready.

2. Take your drawings to a construction company for a quotation.

The Construction Company has to take quotation from:

  • (i) Sub-contractors
  • (ii) Material suppliers

The Material supplier has to take a quotation from:

  • (i) Manufacturer
  • (i) Distributor

3. Once you have received the above, you have to apply for a development facility from the bank. The bank will charge you minimum of 16% interest per annum.

Your advantages working with Elsek:

  • – Elsek has an in-house architect whose drawing will be free in full and final agreement. Architect cost will save you a minimum of 5% to 10% of your final costing.
  • – Elsek manufactures 80% of the material in his own factory. It eliminates profit of the Construction Company, sub-contractors, suppliers or distributors expenses. This will save your final project a minimum of 120% of your final costing.
  • – Elsek will require a 50% deposit during construction if you finance with Elsek.
  • – Elsek will offer you a 6 year loan at 8% interest per annum.