Elsek & Elsek Group

Machinery Leasing

Elsek Machinery Finance (EMF) offers customized finance solutions that meet your business needs and advance you ahead of the competition and to meet your objectives. Whether you are a small job shop or a large corporation, we have the resources and knowledge to help your business develop and expand. When you work with EMF, you are ensured a customized financing solution that meets your specific business needs.

EMF offers a variety of products to meet the unique needs of your business. Your EMF specialist will work with you to develop the best finance option for your company’s bottom line.

Capital equipment is our only business. Our financing specialists understand the industry and can customize a solution that meets your specific needs.


We can arrange for financing under direct loan terms or lease terms.

Our financing is only for our manufactured machineries. They are
  1. Roll forming machine
    • (i) 90 mm. roll-former machine
    • (ii) 140 mm. roll former machine
  2. E.P.S
    • (i) Pre-expander Unit
    • (ii) Silos
    • (iii) Block Moulding Machines
    • (iv) Block cutting machines
  3. Cabro machines
  4. Brick making machines
  5. Paint Mixers
  6. Vacuum shaping machines



EMF is one of the few financing institutions that can offer an application-only program for amounts up to K.Shs. 4.5m.  We know exactly what information is required and will not put you through unnecessary steps when you apply for financing. We can provide options to you within hours!

Applying is simple with our automated, online form. Just follow the steps below and you’re on your way to financing your capital equipment! Complete our application form and your application will be immediately routed to our finance team and you will be contacted within 48 hours of submission of all necessary documentation.

Financing options

EMF finances 50% of the invoice value of the machinery.

50% of deposit has to be made upfront and the balance to be paid in a spread of 12 to 36 months at affordable interest rate 11% per annum* on reducing balances.

Click here for EMF borrowing rates and procedures

*rate might change due to market forces


MACHINERY 25% & 50% down payment (All figures in Kenya Shillings)

Principal Advance Down Payment 12 months 18 months 24 months 36 months 12 months
KES 500,000 KES 125,000 KES 33,490 N/A N/A N/A (75% financing)
KES 750,000 KES 187,500 KES 50,234 KES 26,738 N/A N/A (75% financing)
KES 1,000,000 KES 250,000 KES 66,979 KES 51,315 KES 35,651 N/A (75% financing)
KES 1,250,000 KES 312,500 KES 83,724 KES 64,144 KES 44,563 KES 31,553 (75% financing)
KES 1,500,000 KES 375,000 KES 100,468 KES 50,118 KES 53,476 KES 37,864 (75% financing)
KES 1,750,000 KES 437,500 KES 117,213 KES 58,470 KES 62,389 KES 44,174 (75% financing)
KES 2,000,000 KES 500,000 KES 133,958 KES 66,823 KES 71,301 KES 50,485 (75% financing)
KES 2,250,000 KES 1,125,000 KES 98,653 KES 75,176 KES 51,700 KES 36,062 (50% financing)
KES 2,500,000 KES 1,250,000 KES 109,614 KES 83,529 KES 57,444 KES 40,068 (50% financing)
KES 2,750,000 KES 1,375,000 KES 120,575 KES 91,882 KES 63,188 KES 44,076 (50% financing)
KES 3,000,000 KES 1,500,000 KES 131,537 KES 100,235 KES 68,933 KES 48,082 (50% financing)
KES 3,500,000 KES 1,750,000 KES 153,459 KES 116,940 KES 80,421 KES 56,095 (50% financing)
KES 4,000,000 KES 2,000,000 KES 175,382 KES 91,910 KES 64,109 KES 50,226 (50% financing)
KES 4,500,000 KES 2,250,000 KES 197,305 KES 103,399 KES 72,123 KES 56,504 (50% financing


  1. After they get the quotation from the sales department they have to apply for a loan.
  2. Upon application form to be provided customer has to pay application fee of 5,000 for every application. After application form received by EMF they will require information documents about the customer (Example payroll, pay slips, last bank statements, national identification cards, kra pin number etc)
  3. After checking the documents if credit approved by the credit control, credit control will write 3 original offer letter. Application and reply has to be done within 2 working days after the all documents received.
  4. When customer has agreed on offer letter, they will sign and return the 2 original offer letters together with deposit slip. In offer letter we have to mention the bank for the down payment deposit.
  5. Last step is to sign a credit sales agreement to be signed by the customer. Credit sales agreement will be signed together with lawyer.


  1. Upon signing the agreement all future payments has to secure with postdated cheques. Completion down payment postdated cheque will be within 45 days after the signing the agreement. Rest cheques dates will start after 30 days from the completion date cheques.
  2. Second security is title deed/chattels mortgage of machinery has to remain with the lawyer together with transfer form signed. Land will not be charged but as security will remain with lawyer together with transfer form signed. Title deed search has to be done.


  1. If customer fails on payment for postdated cheques 5,000 will be charged as commission and also interest rate will start to calculate 19% per annum.
  2. If customer fails on 2 postdated cheques continuously sale agreement will be cancelled and demand letter will be sent for a period of 15 days.
  3. If customer fail to pay against the demand letter one more final demand letter will be send to customer for to be replied 7 days.
  4. If customer still failure on payment land and construction will be valued by the valuation company. If customer pays after the valuation, valuation expenses will be charged to the customer.
  5. After valuation if customer still not paid land will be transferred to our company name and will be sold minimum 30% less price of the valuation.
  6. After receiving the all expenses and penalty charges together with interest the remaining balance will be paid to the customer.